My family and I love the idea of the Serafina series being used in schools, but having been involved with schools for a long time, we know the budget and bureaucratic constraints faced by some schools today. We setup the Serafina School Fund to help. We are funding 100% of the Serafina book costs for the classrooms that are approved. We will also provide Serafina posters and bookmarks upon request to help make it a fun activity for your class.

Our fund can only afford to fund a certain number of classrooms, so only a percentage of teachers who apply can be approved.

Fill out the short form below.

  1. We’ll read your application and let you know via email if you are approved or not approved.
  2. You will receive the books in mid-July.
  3. When you teach your class, please send us an email letting us know how it went, along with one or more photos of the experience.